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Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif Chronograph All That Jazz and More
Posted On : Oct-14-2010 | seen (200) times | Article Word Count : 401 |

When it comes to creativity and innovation Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , Piaget has always marched to its own singular beat. This tradition is only furthered with the introduction of its remarkable, jazz-inspired Polo Tourbillon Relatif chronograph from the company new Limelight Jazz Party collection of watches and fine jewellery. When it comes to creativity and innovation, Piaget has always marched to its own singular beat. This tradition is only furthered with the introduction of its remarkable, jazz-inspired Polo Tourbillon Relatif chronograph from the company new Limelight Jazz Party collection of watches and fine jewellery.

Making its debut at the 2010 Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie show earlier this year, this masterful timepiece once again underscores the unbridled inspiration and technological advances that have come to define Piaget watchmaking in the new millennium. Finelycrafted in 18-carat white gold, the watch features a black champlev茅 grand feu enamel dial--a venerable ornamenting technique seen only in the finest timepieces--fashioned to replicate the grooves on a vinyl record.

Appropriately enough Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale , the hours on the dial are represented by musical notes, with the bass clef artfully tilted to form the number nine. On the case-back, a jazz musician is delicately traced in profile, while the sides feature a small orchestra of classic jazz instruments, with engravings of a drum kit and a trumpet opposite the piano and double bass.

The manually wound movement follows a rhythm set by the Piaget Calibre 608P, with a flying 27 jewel tourbillon that sets the pace not unlike that of a musical metronome Cheap NFL Jerseys From China , which Piaget observes elights the eye with the magic of perfect balance.鈥?Indeed, the tourbillon carriage spins on its own axis every minute as it hangs from the minute hand, seeming to be in free flight, s if disconnected from the movement that drives it,鈥?according to Piaget.

Typical Piaget hand-craftsmanship and jeweled quality is abundantly apparent throughout the design of the Polo Tourbillon Relatif, from the C么tes de Gen猫ve Cheap NFL Jerseys China , main plate and three titanium bridges, all circular-grained by hand, to the beveled, hand-drawn carriage. Even the blue-toned screws and folding clasp are made of 18 carat white gold. Other outstanding features of this fusion between moments and music include a 68-hour double barrel power reserve, a black alligator bracelet, and a sapphire crystal.

Given the sheer artistry and painstaking hand-craftsmanship that Piaget has dedicated to the creation of the jazz-inspired Polo Tourbillon Relatif Cheap NFL Jerseys , is it any wonder that this groundbreaking timepiece is only one-of-a-kind? While ownership may well cost a king ransom, for the wealthy individualwatch enthusiast with the means, the fact that there is only one like it in the world will probably be music to his ears. Is it just me, or are there way too many people around who seem to be way too sensitive about, you know, everything?

There's a weird phenomenon these days - and maybe always - where it seems like we live in a constant state of being ready to be offended Cheap Jerseys China Online , and as a result, a constant state of trying not to offend anyone.

So we take extra special care to be sure to not say the wrong thing, so we often end up never saying anything at all, except what others want to hear. A whole lot of sugarcoating, if you will. And what does that get you? I feel like it gets you a whole lot of boring conversation, for one.

Now Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping , I'm not saying you should get out there as soon as possible and tell some people off. Far from it. I believe in manners and congeniality as much as anyone. And the fact that I have to point that out, is part of what I'm talking about. There's more to any given conversation than the two extremes.

I believe that one should be prepared to hear something they might not like, and be prepared to discuss it without overreacting. Essentially, I believe in positive, interesting discourse.

I love a good debate, but I try to be careful to only get into them with people that I know won't overreact if I disagree with them Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale , and won't misconstrue anything I say. And won't parse the language to try to make it mean something that I didn't really say (you know, political pundit style). And won't take the "if you're not with us, you're against us" position. And won't get offended.

Because, frankly, what does it really mean to be offensive? It's different for everyone, of course Cheap Jerseys Online , but essentially something is only offensive because you think it's offensive. So it's basically in your mind.

Shakespeare once wrote, in Hamlet, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

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