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TOPIC: Code HEP7 for U to Enjoy Treasure Trail with Up to

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Games of the Year 2016: The best video games this year, from Pok GO to DOOMIf you've seen the Zoomer osrs gold toys in the past you'll know about these interactive tech toys already. What's different about Zoomer Chimp is that he can stand up and balance on his own.Seeing him go from sitting to standing is a magical moment for children. What parents will appreciate is how Zoomer Chimp develops over time, offering new moves, dances, music and interactions that aren't available straight out the box.

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Based on the new show on Disney Junior, PJ Masks, it stars three child super heroes with special abilities.The game combines an endless runner and dungeon exploration but keeps things super simple. This means that players of any age can start playing. However you still need a lot of skill to get the highest scores.PJ Masks Moonlight Heroes is another game from the show also worth checking out this year.
Hot Wheels AIThis combines Hot Wheels toy cars, radio controlled racing and artificial intelligence.Once you have planned and laid out the track you can race two Hot Wheels cars with the special controllers. The cars assist the player by staying on track and you can trigger different hazards to gain the advantage.Although it looks like something for the very young, actually the real R/C driving required here works well with older racers too.
Payment of medical insurance premium. Deduction is available upto Rs.15,000/ for self/ family and also upto Rs. 15,000/ for insurance in respect of parent/ parents of the assessee.The premium is to be paid by any mode of payment other than cash and the insurance scheme should be framed by the General Insurance Corporation of India approved by the Central Govt.
The premium should be paid in respect of health insurance of the assessee or his family members. The Finance Act 2008 has also provided deduction upto Rs. 15,000/ in respect of health insurance premium paid by the assessee towards his parent/parents. 01.04.2011, contributions made to the Central Government Health Scheme is also covered under this section.
Summary of all bank accounts or passbooks: You need a summary of all bank transactions carried out during the financial year, which include income earned, investments made, expenses etc.Property details: If you have purchased or sold any property during the year, you will need the details. If the property bought is on loans, do keep a copy of the home loan details with you. If you sold your property then you may be eligible for capital gain tax.Incoming New Brunswick premier says he will treat taxpayers like customersInterest certificate: You need this certificate if you have taken a loan from a bank or financial institution, to buy a house.Broker contract notes: Bills for sale and purchase of shares and dividends.Investment details that have not been disclosed in form 16. For example if you have invested in tax saving tools such as life insurance, Public Provident Fund and it is not mentioned in form 16 issued by your employer, you need the proof of investment.
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