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TOPIC: rs gold 4 sale with Up to 7% off as 2019 Best East

rs gold 4 sale with Up to 7% off as 2019 Best East 1 שנה 1 חודש ago #332

I don think that it very smart to base your plans based off of these particular results, if only for the statistical runescape gold limitations.BentokiTrim Comp MQC OSRS MaxThat absolutely fine, I just don think that something being voted low should zero out any chances of a quest, which was how your reply was worded.
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If staff auto attacks will no longer be possible after 4 ticks delay then the only 4taa that will continue to exist is forcing autos between dual wield or wand+shield abilities. This is worse DPS than just doing abilities every 3 ticks iirc, its only use would be for debuffing or freezing.Can you please make this more clear? /u/shaunyowns /u/jagexpi 19 points submitted 5 months agoStaff autos will no longer be possible 4 ticks after a staff auto but will be possible after a dw auto or ability done with dw.
The rotation of staff auto+ab >ab with dw >staff auto+ab will still be possible. If done perfectly you weave a staff auto in to your rotation every 7 ticks. Unlike c4taa this is not faster than the intended rate of a staff auto attack.Doing the above does however induce a 1 tick delay in to your ability rotation as you need to wait 1 extra tick than you would do if you didn wait for the auto and just cracked on with abilities.
There seems to be a lot of confusion about what is c4taa and what is 4taa due to the similar naming. 9 points submitted 5 months agoSo basically you fine with using dual wield abilities to get a 4 tick staff auto, but not if every ability has a staff auto in between? That what I was confused with. Sounded like the newspost suggested we wouldn be able to do staff autos at dual wield speed anymore.
Edit: you say conventional 4taa is fine because it doesn break intended auto attack rates, but you just described a rotation where a staff auto attack is fired at a faster than intended rate (4 ticks after the previous action) 11 points submitted 5 months agoYou cannot staff auto at dw speed. The system now respects the delay put in by the original staff auto.
With 4taa and with the fix, the system prevents the auto delay from going backwards meaning you cannot staff auto at duel wield rate. Abilities with DW do still however only add a delay of 4 ticks to your next auto time. This means you are still able to perform a staff auto 4 ticks after the ability with DW on row 4. 4taa still remains.TLDR you can staff auto every other ability but not every ability once the fix is live.caffeine_free_coketerror dog prestige should be a comp req 6 points submitted 7 months agoSeems sensible though I don like Viggora in the slayer tower assigning stuff, he seems quite out of place and not really near the wilderness. We already have Erskine who assigns wilderness contracts, he could be used instead? At least place them in Edgeville.Guys!Up to 7% off RS 2007 gold&Runescape gold on RSorder as 2019 Easter Celebration Untill Apr.26?Ready to Snap Immediately by!

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