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Dávid Molnár : Nice warm shorts for winter tennis in FL.
Russel Molina : Amazing jersey with excellent quality fabric and stitching. Just like the professional jerseys you can buy for yourself at the pro shop. I had to return unfortunately though because the sizing was a little off and while it fit my dog length wise and around his neck and chest, it hung low and long so that had he the opportunity, it would not stay clean if he urinated. There are some shirts for dogs that cut up high, leaving more of the belly exposed and that is what I had been hoping for.
Nikki Yousuf : Really soft and beautiful. Love it!
Luciano Hammond : A well done recording. I really enjoy their music. It takes me back in time. The lead singer is amazing.
Harry Ewald : Great Movie, bought it for my daughter and it's been viewed almost daily!! Delivery was 2 days early and I will be buying much more this holiday season. Thank you for your awesome service and selection!

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