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My dog has a size large official NFL jersey. And this jersey fits exactly the same. She is a lean, long 40 lbs (what I would consider a medium dog). It is tight in the leg holes and across the chest. It fits fine everywhere else. If you have a dog that is broader, you will want to size up. And a dog larger than 40 lbs would also probably not fit in the large. The overall quality is very good. This is the official NCAA jersey for Penn State. I can't wait for football season for my dog to show her spirit and root for our Nittany Lions.
Kathy Memmott
Worked perfect easy install
Máté Somogyi
After reading several reviews I picked this sheet for the Dream On 3" Playard Mattress. This fits perfectly and is very soft. It is a great purchase.
Cyrus De Leon
Great product that fits well & is durable. Thank you!
Peter Ramon

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