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TOPIC: Tag heuer formula 1 Senna WAZ2011.BA0843

Tag heuer formula 1 Senna WAZ2011.BA0843 7 ם 1 שבוע ago #949

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tag heuer indy 500 Its recognition is very high, which is one of the important reasons for lighting this fire. At the same time, another important reason is that autavia has been worn by many celebrities, including Steve McQuee and Jochen Rindt (because Jochen Rindt has worn the second generation of autavia, commonly known as Rindt). I remember that autavia has had 9 generations (if wrong, please correct it). The value of the first 3 generations is very high, and the value of the later generations is not as good as the previous generations. So let me show you the first three generations of autavia, and you can refer to the auction market price of each generation at the beginning of this article. The first generation of autavia is the most valuable watch of tagoya. The valuation of more than 500000 yuan has reached the level of Rolex Paul Newman. In the world of clocks and watches, there are few steel case clocks whose secondary market price can reach this number. The first generation of autavia is called "big subs" by foreign countries, which means "grand plan". Because the first generation of autavia's timing dial was very large, the purpose at that time was to make it bigger so that people wearing watches could see it very clearly.

The first best luxury watches generation of Autavia comes in two versions, one with three counters and one with two counters. At the same time, another important feature of the first generation of Autavia is that the hands are coated with luminous materials (the hands are completely covered with luminous materials). Autavia, which currently has the highest value for TAG Heuer, is a "use of the first representative disk, the second generation of pointers" version.

The second generation of pointers does not have a luminous layer on the edges, forming a distinction from the first generation. Although the second generation of Autavia is not low in value, it is not a level compared to the first generation. Some changes have taken place in the second generation of Autavia. The biggest change is that the size of the "Big Subs" is reduced to the normal size (this also reduces the recognition and characteristics of this watch, so it has an impact on value). The hands are no longer completely covered with luminous materials, but become normal luminous toffee needles.

The hublot mp 05 laferrari time scale on the disk has changed from the first-generation all-luminous material time scale to a combination of metal bars and luminescent dots. In all respects, the second-generation "Autavia" has become more conventional from the maverick of the first generation. Changes in the third generation of Autavia focus on the bezel, hands, and hour markers. The bezel of the third generation of Autavia has become narrower; the hands have been replaced with rod-shaped hands; the hour markers have changed from the second-generation dots of luminous and metal bars to the addition of luminous materials directly at the ends of the metal bars.

From the perspective of the secondary market steel case chronograph, this price is less than the first generation of 500,000, but it is already very high. About two years ago, there was one thing. Since Autavia has not been re-launched, Tag Heuer wants to re-engage this watch. But because there are too many versions of Autavia, Tag Heuer is not sure which version to copy. Therefore, a vote was made to allow players to vote on which watch will be re-engraved, and the re-engraved watch will be available this year. The limitation is that the watch should be selected from the early 1960s models, not the abalone shell version of the 1970s; the new watch after the engraving is a modern size, not the original 39 mm. Afterwards, everyone voted online, and more than 50,000 people voted. The last replica selected through voting was the urwerk ur-110 replica watch below.
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